Another day, another cipher change

Well, Youtube broke youtubedown again, and I haven't yet figured out how. Today's cipher is 'vfl-bxy_m' => 'w48 s3 w37 s2', and my Perl code seems to be doing the same thing as the Javascript code's function lj and mj, but it's not working. That algorithm is mapping to a 76 byte string with no period in the middle, which is not typically what they look like, so there must be some new kink somewhere. (Same old sample video.)

Any ideas?

How do you get Safari, Firefox or Chrome to switch to the HTML5 player instead of the Flash player, anyway? I think there used to be a link on the page for that but I don't see it now.


Update: I figured it out. This time, they seem to have actually turned off enciphered signatures, but the "use_cipher_signature" parameter is still True. I guess they don't actually use that. So the only way to tell is to see whether the url_map is using s= instead of sig=. Fun times. I was deciphering sigs that were already deciphered. I wonder if this is going to break in a new way when they decide to turn ciphers back on...

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