DNA Lounge: Wherein our parklet is funded!

Thanks to everyone who contributed, we've successfully funded our Kickstarter for our new parklet!

Construction will begin in, uh, uh, mumble handwave.

PSA for local bars and clubs: If someone contacts you about a visit from a "documentary travel show" doing "low impact filming", don't be conned. It's The Real World, and they are every bit as rude, entitled, intrusive and disruptive as you'd expect. They showed up at Bootie this Saturday and they were a pain in the ass. I really hope we don't end up on the show. That's the kind of publicity I try for us to actively avoid.

This week's Bootie -- their ten year anniversary! -- was our biggest event ever! It was kind of a crazy weekend even on top of that, since we had five events in two days: Trannyshack, two days of a scooter rally, a pop-up costume store, and the Bootie of the Century. It's always a good weekend when you have to worry about things like, "let's be careful not to book too many of the staff for 16 hour shifts."

Some recent photo galleries:

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Also a new mixtape. Enjoy.