xscreensaver guinea pigs needed

If you have these OSes, I'd like to send you a few executables and see if they work:

  • MacOS 10.4
  • MacOS 10.5
  • MacOS 10.6
  • MacOS 10.7
  • MacOS 10.9

Intel only, I know PPC doesn't work.

Send me mail if you can help. Thanks!

Update: Ok, I've gotten them tested on everything but 10.4. Thanks everybody! But... there's nobody out there still running 10.4? Well, I guess that's useful info, too.

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3 Responses:

  1. emf says:

    I'd be surprised if anyone is running 10.4 anymore. It was PPC only, and has a lovely (unfixed) kernel panic bug whenever it sees a wifi beacon frame from an apple airport. 10.5 is minimum on PPC now (which sucks, because 10.4 was much faster)

    • jwz says:

      I thought 10.4 existed in Intel variants? Anyway, I got no takers for that one, so maybe not!

      I'm still annoyed -- on principle -- that I can no longer make Xcode generate PPC binaries, but it does not appear that anyone cares any more. Well, I get mail asking about it maybe once a year.

      • An Intel version of Mac OS X 10.4 does exist, though I don't believe Apple ever shipped it as a standalone product. It was bundled with some of the first Intel based Macintosh computers only.

        I have a Mac mini that still runs the Intel version of 10.4, but it's been in storage for a long time.

        With regard to the matter of PowerPC, I have a similarly dormant, heavily upgraded Quicksilver 2002 Power Macintosh G4 on which I used to run xscreensaver quite regularly.