XScreenSaver 5.22

XScreenSaver 5.22 out now, including for iOS.

I wrote a few new ones this time! It's been a while. There are also a bunch of bug fixes.

In particular, I think that the OSX binaries should run on any Intel Mac running 10.5 or later, and the iOS version should run on anything running 4.3 or later.


Lemme also repeat what I asked when I did the last release, since it hasn't worked yet:

HEY YOU: If you are a Linux user, will you please report a bug against your distro and ask them to upgrade to this version? I'm getting really tired of getting bug reports about things that I fixed two and a half years ago because Debian (for example) is still shipping 5.15.

And the modern batch of Linux fanboys don't seem to comprehend that this makes the answer to the question "are you running the latest version?" be "no".

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18 Responses:

  1. Nathan says:

    Looks like someone already did so for Arch Linux. The version in the repo is 5.21-1, and I see the following text:
    "Flagged out-of-date on 2013-07-16"

  2. stevo-dude says:

    hey that looks cool. Are u going to make a windows version?

    • hey that looks cool. Are u going to make a windows version?

      I hope you're kidding, because right on the download page it very clearly says, and I quote, "There is no Windows version of xscreensaver, and there never will be. Please stop asking. Microsoft killed my company, and I hold a personal grudge. I don't use any Microsoft products and neither should you."

      At risk of causing trouble for myself, there have been ports of xscreensaver to Windows done. I found none of them stable enough to be useful and they were extremely difficult to find, as their maintainers (if you could call them that) had long since moved on. Even if I had links, I would not post them here.

  3. Dmitry Mazin says:

    Haha, the pulsar/Unknown Pleasures saver is great.

  4. Just out of pure curiosity, is it possible to get the last version that was released for PowerPC Macintosh computers?

    I have an old Quicksilver 2002 G4 that I'm rebuilding and would like to use xscreensaver on.

  5. Megohm says:

    QuasiCrystal crashes on my iPhone 4.

    Error message: "texture GL error: invalid value". iOS 6.1.3

  6. jwz — BSOD is one of the finest masterworks of compiled art I've experienced. It makes me so, so emotionally exuberant, and in varying ways. Once, I came back to my Mac and thought it had crashed — but wondered why a MAC would have a GURU MEDITATION ERROR and my mind (for a fraction of a second that verily extended longer than I perceived) flashed back to when I owned an Amiga 500. I also ♥ coming by and seeing if BSOD has pressed what might be the basis for some delicious glitch art in my path.

    So, thank you for bringing this experience to iOS — OMG BSOD just requested access to my photos and crashed a cheery pic o' watermelon — although I have a suggestion: fonts in the text errors look very choppy and almost unreadable on my iPad 4's Retina geegaw, is this a known issue? Screenshot for thy optics, and yes it is quirky that "counter" looks like "ccunter": http://i.imgur.com/KyKW9L6.png

    • Jake Nelson says:

      Looks like a non-fixed-width font being trimmed to fixed width character boxes to me.

  7. 205guy says:

    Thanks for this, I finally have an i-device that supports it.

    In exchange, I give you some engineering porn: http://gcaptain.com/worlds-largest-ship-photos-maersk-moller/. Scroll down part-way for the time-lapse video--I think I used to build some LEGO ships like that.