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Sometimes You Just Have To Shave Off a Fish's Genital Claws.

Guppies don't have a penis, as such. Instead, they have modified a pair of their fins into penetrating organs called gonopodia.

These penis-ish organs are tipped with an unpleasant set of claws, hooks ridges and spines. These features evolve very quickly and they're sometimes the only way of telling one guppy species from another. [...]

Compared to shaved males, clawed ones transferred three times more sperm into unreceptive females, but the same amount into those that willingly mated.

This strongly suggests that the claws are a "sexually antagonistic trait" -- one that benefits one sex over the other. In this case, they help the males to grasp resistant females.

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9 Responses:

  1. deathdrone says:

    [[[This strongly suggests that the claws are a "sexually antagonistic trait" -- one that benefits one sex over the other.]]]

    Christ, this line makes no sense at all. Our sex delusions are so profound that even the wikipedia page is littered with this shit.

    What is the evolved purpose of the vagina? Why, to avoid having sex, obviously. Slutty, slutty female guppie. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    It's like saying, I don't know… spanking is a "parentally antagonistic trait." That it "benefits one family member over the other." Just a convoluted, vapid and misleading phrase that conveys about as much information as "ouchy."

    Our fetishes for pain and conflict aren't inflicted upon us by the patriarchy. They are part of a highly evolved system that exists entirely because it is adaptive. No, I am not condoning guppie rape by pointing this out.

    • njs says:

      What are you even talking about? (And to who?)

      For these guppies, bearing children is expensive for females, cheap for males. So for females, fitness is optimized by being picky about who they mate with (so as to maximize the total fitness of a limited number of children), and for males, fitness is optimized by mating with everyone they can (because more children -> more fitness). The presence of genital claws on the males reduces the ability of the females to be picky, which increases fitness for males, and reduces fitness for females. Saying that they "benefit one sex over the other" is a straightforward description of the actual evolutionary situation.

      What any of this has to do with sex delusions, fetishes, or pre-emptive denials of rape apologism, I couldn't say...

      • MetaRZA says:

        Everything I agree with is common sense backed by the best science.
        Everything I disagree with is bullshit that only the Politically Correct brainwashed would believe.

        tl;dr - Can't stop now, someone on the Internet is wrong.

  2. deathdrone says:

    How about an action movie analogy?

    A rich guy leaves a lot of money in a poorly guarded, high profile location. When a crook tries to steal it, it turns out that the rich guy was actually just trying to recruit a master thief for the heist of the century.

    Your comments are nonsensical to the point that I despair at the thought of addressing them. You are dumb as shit and I hope you die.

    • deathdrone says:

      These "male genes" spend all this energy developing something as sophisticated as a torture penis… and it doesn't occur to you that the "female genes" might not be just as busy developing methods to find the best torture penises on the market and breed with them?

      No, because women are dumb and passive and blameless and obviously had nothing to do with this.

      You stupid sexist fucking dumbshit beta deluded shit fucks. Don't hate me for the torture penis which is my piercing intellect.

      Fisherian runaways like this might seem totally random and maladaptive to your naive little minds but it's the exact opposite. Evolution doesn't fuck up shit like this. Runaways which encode maximally complicated mating preferences with a minimum amount of base pairs have an advantage and this shit is plenty sophisticated enough for those advantages to matter. Any breeding strategy which is "simple" and "straightforward" is also necessarily exploitable, and will naturally evolve complexity until those exploits either disappear, or (as in this case) become accepted parts of the strategy which are judged in their own complicated and difficult fashion.

      Guppie cunt might be smart but you're still a dumb cunt.

      • Pavel says:

        > Don't hate me for the torture penis which is my piercing intellect.

        Trust me; that's not why people hate you.

        • David M.A. says:

          He must be so fun at parties.

          Anyway, traumatic insemination is and remains a thing in biology, with the breeding interfaces of a number of species locked into a cold war of genital oneupsmanship.

          And there's this wonderful sentence: "In the insect world, male water striders unable to penetrate her genital shield will draw predators to a female until she copulates." I didn't know bugs could plan like that.

  3. James says:

    I wish the herp derp selection made the comments on other posts just like the comments on this one.

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