Voronoi Wall

Jon McCormack:

The room needed special acoustic treatment due to a number of hard reflective surfaces and its use for seminars and video conferencing. [...] A river flow and degradation simulation was carried out resulting in a meandering flow pattern, which formed the basis of point allocation upon which the Voronoi architecture partitioning could be applied. Following the river simulation, the space was partitioned using the Voronoi algorithm and the subsequent polygons used as control hulls for B-spline surfaces.

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City Trashes Crisco Can Artist Installed At Fist To 'Ease Bankruptcy Pain'


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Best headline in quite some time:

"Local Newspaper Delivery Trucks Carry Nothing Of Value, Reports Local Newspaper"


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Plus it's a great looking skull-plate!

I eagerly await my neuro pals explaining whether this is merely super-snake-oily or super-duper-snake-oily... I'm also guessing it won't get me high, or let me see time.

Foc.us headset: "Overclock your brain using transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to increase the plasticity of your brain. Make your synapses fire faster."

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