DNA Lounge: Wherein we need your help building a parklet in front of DNA Pizza!

Our Kickstarter for the parklet is live! Please pass this link along to all your friends, and contribute what you can. We've got some pretty cool rewards for contributors...

Parklet on Eleventh Street at DNA Lounge.

Here's the explanatory video, featuring many familiar faces from the DNA crew:

And here's a sweet animation of what the thing is going to look like:

Our Kickstarter runs through Tuesday August 20, which is only twenty-one days from now. That means it ends just a few days before a lot of our friends leave for Burning Man. I'm a little worried that the proximity to Burning Man might leave our constituents distracted, but we didn't really have the option of delaying the Kickstarter until afterward. That's just another reason we need your help getting the word out.

So please pass it on!