Jupiter Structural Layer Cake

The Earth Cake has been super-sized.

Our knowledge is mostly theoretical of course, but the gas giants are thought to have a core comprised mostly of rock and ice. This is surrounded by a layer liquid metallic hydrogen, and the outer layer is composed of molecular hydrogen.

In cake speak, this translates to a core made of mudcake, surrounded by almond butter cake, surrounded by a tinted vanilla Madeira sponge. There's a crumb coat of vanilla buttercream underneath the fondant.


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Parametric Expression: A Study Of Quantified Emotion

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A Most Unholy Architecture: Six Devil's Bridges

Prior to his career as a musician:

If the medieval legends are to be believed, the devil was a prolific architect. All around Europe are bridges known as the Devil's Bridge, each with a story of soul-selling deals and outwitting satan. [...]

Deal with the Devil: Story goes that the the ravine was too steep for mortal architecture, so the devil offered the traditional deal which was to take the soul of the first to cross. It ended up being an overly excited dog.

[ Spoiler alert: more dogs go to hell. ]

Come to the Atlas Obscura lecture series at DNA tomorrow!

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