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OpenGL question

I want to blend a pixel fmod(a+b+c,1) (wrapped) instead of as min(a+b+c,1) (truncated) or as a/3+b/3+c/3 (scaled). Is there any way to do that in an OpenGL 1.3-ish world?

That means I can't use GLES2 shaders. "Hack the pixels by hand and create a new full-screen texture 30x/second" is also a non-starter.


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xscreensaver guinea pigs needed

If you have these OSes, I'd like to send you a few executables and see if they work:

  • MacOS 10.4
  • MacOS 10.5
  • MacOS 10.6
  • MacOS 10.7
  • MacOS 10.9

Intel only, I know PPC doesn't work.

Send me mail if you can help. Thanks!

Update: Ok, I've gotten them tested on everything but 10.4. Thanks everybody! But... there's nobody out there still running 10.4? Well, I guess that's useful info, too.

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