Youtube scaling, again

Something broke recently, and my Youtube embeds stopped working in Firefox. The Play button does nothing, though the image is the right size.

Dear Lazyweb, please tell me how to fix this.

  • Safari 6.0.3, OSX: Works.
  • Safari, iOS 6.1.4: Works.
  • Chrome 24.0, OSX: Works.
  • Firefox 21.0, OSX: Play button fails.
  • Opera 12.15, OSX: Wrong size: only top left quarter is visible. Play button works.

Weirdly, the Firefox Play button animates when you click it, so it's receiving the event! It just does not then play.

Any ideas?

Update: Well, no, nobody had any ideas. So I've reverted it back to the Old Way, where the video is not scaled, but half the time people will see the "Window is too small" bullshit when they hit play. God dammit.


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  1. John Bloom says:

    I can repro the issue in Firefox 21.0 on OS X 10.8.4, but it seems to work normally in Firefox 21.0 on Ubuntu Linux 13.04. Not a huge help debugging, but at least it's another data point.

    • Nick Lamb says:

      Works in Firefox 21.0 on a Fedora 17 x86-64 machine

      I'd begin to wonder if it's not the browser but rather which random node you get assigned in the mess that is Youtube's backend. Google's own engineers supposedly disown that mess as not of their making, so, good luck.

      • James says:

        The Trickle engineers are the ones who really own it, because their tweaks necessarily involve changing everything to get good measurements of anything, so often they're the ones breaking stuff, including UI things.

  2. Larry Klug says:

    Fails in Firefox 21.0, Linux as well. Works in Chrome 25.0, Linux.

  3. Fails in Aurora nightly build, so whatever caused this hasn't been reverted back yet.

  4. FWIW, the embeds don't really work in my Chrome (v27 on MacOSX with click-to enable on plugins). The mouse pointer is projected from a box in the upper-left of the video. So, for example, to click on the "watch on" button, I put the cursor in the center of the movie.

    • Christian Vogel says:

      I confirm the same behavior in Chrome 27.0.1453.116 m, Adobe Flash Player (2 files) - Version: 11.7.700.225 under Win7/64. Video plays, but mouse coordinates in that frame are messed up as described by Jeremiah.

      IE10/Win64: identical to what jwz observes with "Opera 12.15, OSX: Wrong size: only top left quarter is visible. Play button works".

  5. hudson says:

    Chrome 27.x OSX fails. The upper left quarter of the video is visible, along with part of the play button in the center, but nothing is functional.

  6. Dan says:

    I've been having problems, but I thought they were related to NoScript and its "ClearClick" feature. Recently, when clicking a video in the blog, I get a warning of an attempted clickjacking attempt. Disabling the ClearClick feature made videos start working again.

  7. anonnymooose says:

    The YT video at the link you provided Works For Me, with 64 and 32-bit Firefox 21.0 on Kubuntu 13 and Gentoo Linux, respectively.

    As a datapoint, I don't have Flash installed on either machine. Perhaps that's your problem?

  8. LafinJack says:

    The Hangar 24 video works correctly in Firefox 24a1 Windows 8 64. As far as I can tell it is using the Flash player, as mentioned in the above comment.

  9. CBGoodBuddy says:

    The initial "Play" button of the Hangar 24 page fails on Firefox 21.0 under Mac OS X, but works for Safari 6.0.5 on the same machine. Flash 11,7,700,225.

    For "medium sized" YouTube embeds, like The Music of the Future post, the "Play" button works fine on both Firefox and Safari. However, the playback widgets on the bottom of the frame are not usable under either browser. (i.e. play/pause button, navigation slider, etc)

  10. Is this a HiDPI mac? I suspect that this is an ongoing problem with HiDPI mouse coordinates and scaling in Flash. We continue to work with Adobe on fixing the edge cases.

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