This is pretty neat:

It doesn't seem to be super accurate, but this would have come in really handy last year when I was building my 3d DNA Lounge model.

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  1. uhh says:

    "Sorry, an error occurred. Please scan the room again."

    No. Fuck you.

  2. Dusk says:

    Hrm. I can think of a couple of ways this might be working, arranged from most to least accurate:

    1. GPS. But the site says it works on an iPod, and those don't have GPS. So that's probably out.

    2. Using the camera to motion-track the floor, kind of like an optical mouse. So long as the floor had enough enough of a recognizable texture and you moved slowly enough, this could work reasonably.

    3. Using the accelerometer/gyro/compass. None of these are particularly accurate; between that and the need to double-integrate to get position from acceleration, the results would be utter crap.

    • nooj says:

      I'm going with 3. It even tells you to move around the room faster so as to be more accurate.

      • Nick Lamb says:

        Yes, dead reckoning. Less samples means hopefully less total error so long as it doesn't dilute the accuracy of the individual samples too badly. People are talking about accuracy of the order of inches wrong in several feet of wall, so not terribly accurate but probably better than an inexperienced layman's first guess.

        Probably a corporate client could skin it to "magically" do various finger in the air estimates that a contractor would do by eye, like how much paint or wallpaper will be needed to cover the walls of a room, how much cavity insulation is needed for a home. Basically it'd be saying "We know you are too lazy to use a tape measure or read and properly understand instructions, so here's a rough guess anyway".

  3. Jesper says:

    See also: MagicPlan, where you stand in the middle of the room and photograph the corners and gaps along the edge. You can calibrate the drawing by providing actual measures for one or more segments.

    • gryazi says:

      I was about to mention that one, because hey neat. Blah blah blah Android version? blah blah.

  4. nooj says:

    It has to phone home to make the map!

  5. Edouard says:

    Apropos some of the other comments, I was pretty impressed by Acoustic Ruler Pro (and, no doubt the other 20 apps that do the same thing). Physics ftw... I like the idea above about tracking movement of the floor via the camera to reduce the dead reckoning error - nice.

    I've got a cousin who built a house where every wall is 85 or 95 degrees to each adjoining wall. That would mess things up the calculations :-)

    • Leolo says:

      built a house where every wall is 85 or 95 degrees to each adjoining wall

      Wait ... on purpose?

    • nooj says:

      every wall is 85 or 95 degrees to each adjoining wall. That would mess things up

      The technique handles angles, alcoves, and even dazzle camouflage just fine. Curved walls would mess things up.

  6. Zingus says:

    It doesn't install on my iphone 3gs, claiming it's because of lack of a gyroscope.

    A friend of mine, though, is running it an ipod 4g, and he's persuaded there's no gyro onboard. (might be wrong, idk)

  7. Ian Dutton says:

    my mediocre idea that i would never develop is to use light and electrical plates as reference and measurement points those things are standard enough. something like this would be great for finding prohibition rooms. and "Webster" paths

  8. I tried to run it on 3rd gen iPad and it made the room 8 times smaller. MagicPlan is way more accurate.