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Dear Lazyweb,

My phone started nagging me that my provisioning profiles for XScreenSaver and DaliClock were about to expire. I went and tithed another hundred bucks to Apple for the privilege of running my own code on my own phone (after screaming with incoherent rage, like you do).

That seems to have gone through, but I can't figure out how to renew these certs.

When I open the Organizer in Xcode, the three "Provisioning Profiles" tabs show lines saying "Profile will expire in 3 days", with a Renew button next to them.

For some of them, clicking that button silently does nothing. For some of them, clicking it prompts me for my Apple ID password and then says "There are no current devices on this team matching the provided device IDs. There are no current certificates on this team matching the provided certificate IDs."

What exactly am I expected to do here to make things continue to function?

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  1. You'll need to log in to the iPhone dev center at and step through the "renewal process" in the "devices and provisioning" area.

    That will make you tick which devices you want to keep, then after that you can download another distribution profile. You may also have to submit another CSR

    All in all it'll just be 99496005928848 hours of suffering through Ajax and wizards.

    • jwz says:

      If you could rephrase this using words that actually occur on Apple's web site (or, you know, links) then that would be helpful.

      • Sure, Sign in to the iOS Dev Center then click on Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles.

        The rest of the links are some javascript bullshit but, Click Devices and go through the 'renewal process', this will involve you confirming the device IDs you want associated with your profile. Once that is complete you can edit your Distribution Profile under "Provisioning Profiles".

        • jwz says:

          Ok, well, I have been to that page many, many times and I see nothing on "Devices" about any renewal process. It lists my two devices, and lets me "Edit" or "Disable" them. "Edit" just lets me change the name and nothing else.

          Everything listed under "Distribution Profiles" says it expires on or about June 09, 2013, and I see no option to change that. Clicking "Generate" on any of them seems to generate a new... something... but that new something also expires in two days.

          • That profile expiry date is your dev program's expiry date, you can't change it.

            I guess your renewal hasn't actually been processed yet, so it's possible you have to wait till it expires before that happens? You might have to download that profile and use it for 2 days, then do the renewal?

            • jwz says:

              When I go to "View Account", it says "iOS Developer Program, Expiration Date: Jun 08, 2014", and has for several days.

              • Sounds like two sides of apple's provisioning system have different views of the state of your enrollment. I'd suggest waiting the two days till it's definitively expired, then if it still hasn't noticed, you'll have to endure the phone support for their dev program.

                Best of luck...

            • jwz says:

              Well, the only way I could find to make it work was to generate a brand new CSR in Keychain Access, upload that to the Apple developer site, then manually "Generate" and "Download" each of the 6+ certs listed there. You'd think that hitting "Refresh" in Xcode Organizer would download them, but no. You'd think that hitting the "Renew" buttons in Xcode Organizer would do something, but no. I even had to go and manually delete the old, about-to-expire ones. At least it seemed to automatically install the new ones on my iPhone when I built targeted at it.

              How is it that whoever is responsible for developing this system has so little apparent interest in making it work in any sane way? You'd think Apple would be of the opinion that making it easier to develop apps directly impacts their bottom line. Instead, they seem to have put not even the B Team, but the C or D Team, on this project.

  2. Lounges says:

    Welcome to the clusterfuck that is the iOS developer program. Some of us have to deal with it almost daily :/

  3. Scott says:

    This tool claims to provide a CLI for the device management functionality of the Apple Dev Center site.

    • jwz says:

      I don't see how this is anything but a non sequitur. And an "I haven't even run it" non sequitur at that. Well played.

  4. I feel previously is curiously absent here. Not in a specific context sort of way, just in a "further examples" sort of way. Or maybe AppleDicks (iDicks?) should be a tag.

  5. ryanlrussell says:

    You forgot to attach the video of the incoherent rage.

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