jwz mixtape 129

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 129.

That Onili video is really something. Enjoy it before it gets taken down.

The Happy Fangs video is awesome because it was part of a "shoot a video in 24 hours" contest. (They won!) There were gonna shoot part of it in the DNA Dazzle Room but didn't have time.

Psycho Delia may sound familiar to you as she used to be half of Robots In Disguise.

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9 Responses:

  1. tkil says:

    Not sure how much you care, but at least two of the videos on this playlist seem to confound 'youtubedown', resulting in a 403 failure: 04 (Chvrches / Gun) and 08 (Emika / Centuries). (Latest version of the script, on x86-64 Linux.)

    If it works for you, I'd be grateful if you could share your plaform and version info.

    Either way, thanks for the music pointers!

  2. anyfoo says:

    Wow, the embedded player became fucked, indeed. I can only click "somewhere" near but not quite in the middle, to make the whole thing play, and I can specifically not click on the YouTube-Logo to break the player out to its own tab... or on any of the player's controls!

    OS X with what should be a very recentish Chrome.

  3. nooj says:

    I really liked that Gesaffelstein track! Loved the audio. The video is pretty cool. It's his latest(?) and by far his best of all the ones I found. "Atmosphere" is good too. The rest, well, let's say I think he's getting better. I hope I see him next time he tours!

    I'm afraid the others you liked I didn't care for so much: Onili, Happy Fangs, and the Poliça were all tracks I one-starred. The Poliça song might be cool, but the video is disturbing, yikes. It was like watching the movie Killer Inside Me, where Ben Affleck's little brother calmly beats Jessica Alba to death.

    You've posted Poliça before, maybe I'll give the others a try, I don't remember them.

    I also noticed that this mixtape was quieter than the others. Perhaps it's me?

  4. anyfoo says:

    Loved Onili and Elliphant.

    I really want to like the Kelli Ali track, but while it's okay to listen to, it certainly doesn't live up to her Sneaker-Pimp-days :/

  5. nooj says:

    FYI, I just discovered the videos on Nowness.com.

    I liked a lot of the Music videos: "Filter by category" -> "Music".
    There are also some good fashion videos.

  6. A Country Farmer says:

    As always, thanks for allowing me to try to stay slightly relevant to my age group.