Best iOS Tetris?

Dear Lazyweb, what's your favorite Tetris for iOS? I've tried a bunch and they all suck in one way or another (by being not-quite-Tetris, or having a wasteful screen layout, or being full of ads). I guess "Super Block 2" is the least-bad I've found, but it's not great.

A version of Bubbels would also be nice. (I know there are a million variants of this game, but that's my favorite.) "Eyegore's EyeBlast" isn't a bad substitute.

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10 Responses:

  1. Charles Stephens says:

    Curious, does the actual licensed Tetris count as being suck? Although I guess being sold by EA makes it inherently so.


    • jwz says:

      I didn't even try it, since the first review says: "The game constantly asks you for powerups that can't be had except by continuously feeding money into it. It never stops asking for Facebook authorization so that it can advertise to your friends."

      • Charles Stephens says:


      • martind says:

        I've been playing that version of Tetris for more than a year and love it. Great touch controls, and it's not nagging me in any way. I don't know what I did differently -- maybe it's because I don't use GameCenter and never give out FB details in the first place.

  2. Magnus Falk says:

    Am I the only one that gets really annoyed that the artist gets the colors of the blocks totally wrong in that graffiti? I mean, come on, there are two white L-blocks that are mirrored!

  3. Jon says:

    You've reminded me how annoyed I was that 'Tris' was pulled from the app store. Five years ago, that would have been your answer. If you jailbreak/root/all-that-jazz, it might still be possible, but that sounds like more work than it's worth.

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