If you use youtubedown, please grab the new version.

I think I've gotten a slightly better understanding of what Youtube is up to with this enciphered signature nonsense, and I'm trying a new method of dealing with it.

If you send me the errors printed for any videos that it can't download, that will be very helpful.

I think that what's going on is not that the ciphers are keyed off of the length of the signature, but rather, than they are just periodically changing the cipher algorithm, so the only way to know what algorithm to use is to have hardcoded knowledge of what is implemented in whatever version of "html5player.js" is getting loaded today (currently "html5player-vfl_ymO4Z.js".)

This means that every time they change the algorithm, I'll have to update the code in youtubedown. I don't know how frequently they're doing that, but that's some bullshit.

Maybe there's a way to parse this out from the Javascript, but since they've obfuscated and minimized it, the name of the decipherment routine changes.

I still have no idea how the signatures in get_video_info are to be deciphered. If there's a clue in there as to what algorithm is in use, I haven't spotted it.

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