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"I am a medical robot. Please put the gun down."

Dr. Easy

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RSS Apocalypse Update: Newsify

I've been using the Newsify iPad/iPhone reader app today and it's pretty good! It uses the Feedly servers but is much better than the Feedly app.


  • Lets me use light text on a dark background.
  • Has preferences for fonts and font size.
  • Lets me display things oldest-first.
  • The "Unread" button is visible and on-screen all the time.
  • Hasn't crashed yet.


  • The "Next" button is tiny and on the bottom not-even-all-the-way right.
  • No way to zoom in on images.
  • The icons that the "Unread" button uses for read versus unread are the same color and almost identical looking. I don't remember which is which.
  • "Mail" sends the whole HTML of the article instead of just the link. And the link goes at the bottom of the mail.
  • Still no OSX app.

You can also set it up so that swipe-right does "Next" but that doesn't work any better here than it does in the Feedly app.

Why don't designers of readers realize that "Next" is the single most important command in the UI? Why do they always make it hard to execute?

The "Next" button should be the easiest target on the screen to hit, and without having to visually search for it, and it should be accessible from either side, so you can fat-thumb the damned thing no matter which hand you're holding your sandwich in. Clickable nav areas should be huge, like this:


Update: Having used it for almost a week, here are the things about Newsify that drive me crazy.

  • The "Next" button, obviously.
  • When you click Next, it takes nearly a full second running an animation that slides the new page in. I'm tired of waiting for that noise. Just show me the next article already.

  • You can't click Next until that animation has completed and the next article has fully loaded. If I click Next three times fast, I expect it to advance 3 pages, not 1.

I see that the iPhone (but not iPad) version of Reeder has been updated to support Feedly. Once he gets the iPad and desktop versions of that working again, I may switch back to that. Until then, though, Newsify seems to be the best opton.


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Ingrid Berthon-Moine

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