New Jersey Children Forced to Shun Sad, Friendless Bear

Bear the bear thought that, maybe, in New Jersey, he would finally make a friend.

The bear wandered around near the Whole Foods, before he remembered he didn't have any money. He shimmied up a tree and imagined all the things he and his friend would say to one another, like "You're my friend and I love you." He stood in a backyard and waited for his life to begin.

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more Xcode certificate clusterfuckery

Dear Lazyweb,

My phone started nagging me that my provisioning profiles for XScreenSaver and DaliClock were about to expire. I went and tithed another hundred bucks to Apple for the privilege of running my own code on my own phone (after screaming with incoherent rage, like you do).

That seems to have gone through, but I can't figure out how to renew these certs.

When I open the Organizer in Xcode, the three "Provisioning Profiles" tabs show lines saying "Profile will expire in 3 days", with a Renew button next to them.

For some of them, clicking that button silently does nothing. For some of them, clicking it prompts me for my Apple ID password and then says "There are no current devices on this team matching the provided device IDs. There are no current certificates on this team matching the provided certificate IDs."

What exactly am I expected to do here to make things continue to function?

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