Today is the thirty-first anniversary of Rio.

I should be on a boat.

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  1. madopal says:

    May 10th, 1982. Seven and the Ragged Tiger came out in the US in 1983. Damn off by one errors...

  2. njs says:

    Tomorrow is my thirty-first birthday.

    I can still appreciate the boat.

  3. David Krider says:

    Best. Song. Evar. (Unless you're noting this ironically. In that case, uh, it's trite 80's drivel. But at least it was a defining example of the genre.) Oh how I wish my parents would have let me go to the Arena tour. Alas, I had only just gotten my license, and was not considered mature enough to drive an hour and find a seat in the neon sea of hormonal teen girls who would have been in attendance. Crying shame, to this day.