jwz mixtape 128

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 128.

I have seen eleven of these bands live! Go me.

I guess "seapunk" must really be a thing now, if even Basement Jaxx are doing it.

MNDR played at DNA Lounge recently, and she had no show to speak of, and lip-synched the only song she "sang" on. But her new video is pretty messed up, in a good way.

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3 Responses:

  1. James says:

    These are so good! Thank you!

  2. nooj says:

    Track 1 is a great song. So is the Chaos Chaos, of course. I liked the other one you posted. (This is like the third awesome Swedish band I've found in a row!) How're their EPs? And how is their stuff as Smoosh and/or stuff they did with other artists (which I could only find a one-line reference to)?

    • nooj says:

      Oh yeah, I remember missing them when they were here two months ago and did like three shows...