Eight arms to hold you


8 Responses:

  1. John Adams says:

    via mobile? wtf is this

  2. Trista Musco says:

    are you sure I can't paint a room at dna like this? :D

  3. Angie Avdeef says:

    I <3 cephalopods.

  4. ..and a beak to lavish kisses upon!

  5. I'm with Trista...that room has been green for, like, ages...surely time for something new? And then we could say things like...Oh, you need to go upstairs and hang a left to find the tentacle room...

  6. Wim says:

    ... that's creepy :-)

  7. Buddy Casino says:

    That is a pretty cool blog. The fact that its run by a vaguely jewish-looking french schoolgirl makes it even better.