Any of you who have been to my home know that this is exactly what my desk looks like.

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  1. Presumably you are also wearing a burnt-orange knit top.

    • Liam says:

      Hush your mouth! That's not knit - that's most likely crochet but could be that ultimate style statement of the decade - the macramé vest! :-)

  2. How fitting: just an hour ago, I found myself re-reading The Gernsback Continuum. Clearly it's leaking through again.

  3. Rosy Rouge says:

    No, but can you invite me over? It looks really cool. Mobile?

  4. pnijjar says:

    My first thought: "Hey! That's not a split keyboard!"

    • solarbird says:

      Really? My first though was, "Check out that sweet ergo keyboard!" Okay, maybe not split - but it's hard to tell from this angle. We just don't know! :D

  5. Adolf Osborne says:

    Presumably, she is very comfortable in a lot of different positions.

  6. Leolo says:

    That large chrome bar, top right. Can that please be the carriage return?

    • Pavel Lishin says:

      They should have added pedals for shift and carriage return.

    • I'm pretty sure that's a light.

      The typehead mechanism looks very unfamiliar. Tradional typewriters move the "carriage" (the roller holding the paper) from right to left past a fixed-position typing mechanism. This one looks like it slides the typehead from left to right past a stationary piece of paper, the way dot-matrix printers used to.

      • hattifattener says:

        Selectrics had a moving printhead. Retronaut says the photo is from 1970, so a selectric-style electric typewriter would still have been what a Spiffy Typewriter Of The Future looked like.

        (Come to think of it, I used a daisy-wheel electric typewriter in the 80s, and it also moved the printhead and kept the platen still. It might just have been a common feature of electric typewriters.)

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