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DNA Lounge: Wherein we are winnars!

The SF Weekly Best of SF Readers Poll results are out now, and...

And they also made up an award for us:

Best Place to Dance if You Take a Wi-Fi Enabled Bus to Work

Camp and high spectacle are the orders of the day when it comes to Bootie, the long-running Saturday night extravaganza at DNA Lounge. Though its themes change weekly, at its heart it's centered around a soundtrack exclusively comprised of mashups -- those genre-bending tracks created by fusing different songs together. In other words, it's a night full of soaring pop choruses and hands-in-the-air moments. But while it's accessible, it also pushes boundaries by throwing aspects of burlesque and drag performance into the mix, and that makes it a perfect spot for techie transplants to feel at home while getting acquainted with San Francisco's offbeat vibe.

Um... thanks? I guess? Come feel at home with our "offbeat vibe".

And here's a new photo gallery from last week's Bootie's Mashup Prom, featuring the Best Bartender. (There should probably be a sash for that.)


We've all had days like this.

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