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'Disgusting' sculpture stays on show in Milan

The sculpture - officially titled L.O.V.E. but popularly known as The Middle Finger - will now remain in the Piazza d'Affari outside the Milan stock exchange until the end of a retrospective of Cattelan's work.

[...] given its position here just a stone's throw from the stock exchange - has invited discussion of a possible anti-capitalist message, though the artist himself has denied any such intention.

Maurizio Cattelan doesn't come cheap: his best-known work, featuring the late Pope John Paul II felled by a meteorite, fetched a cool $3m the last time it came under the auctioneer's hammer.

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Escort Quality. Hooker Pricing.

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Can a Tuning Fork Improve Your Cocktail?

What have we learned about headlines ending in question marks?

There's a theory making the rounds that vibrations of the right frequency will cause the molecules in a drink to rearrange themselves in curious ways, thereby altering or enhancing the flavor.

The Keefer is the only place I'm aware of that's actually serving tuning-fork-blended cocktails, so I met there with several people, including David, Danielle, and a woman named Free Lee, who works at the bar and is also a somatic and energy therapist. In addition to its (possible) mixological applications, harnessing vibrations is a form of alternative medicine, in which tuning forks are placed on ailing people like acupuncture needles. (There's also a fledgling industry selling "vibration infused" beverages intended to improve health. An Ontario company called Wave Miracle Water, for instance, offers water with "vibrational encoding" in four wellness-enhancing frequencies.)

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