DNA Lounge: Wherein you vote for us in Best of SF.

It's that time again -- please vote for DNA Lounge, DNA Pizza and our various alumni in this year's SF Weekly Best of San Francisco poll.

Relevant categories include:

  5. Best DJ
  9. Best MC
13. Best Bartender
16. Best Gay Friendly Bar/Club
19. Best Live Music Venue
20. Best Cocktail
24. Best New Club   (Above DNA counts!)
41. Best Late Night Bite
44. Best Pizza
45. Best Sandwich   (Have you tried our new sandwiches? My favorite is the Boba Feta.)
52. Best Drag Queen
53. Best Event Producers
59. Best Place To Hear Random Screaming At 3 a.m.   (Maybe we'd rather not win this one.)

We're still bummed that last year they eliminated the "Best Dance Club" and "Best Club Night" categories, since DNA Lounge and/or Bootie won those every year, but please do vote for us in the remaining categories!

Tonight: Helmet in the main room, and Twitch with Youth Code and Sewn Leather in Above DNA.

Some recent photo galleries:

Hunky Jesus
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Dope Stars Inc.
Bare Chest Calendar Contest

Also, mixtape 128 is out. Enjoy!


Intravenous oxygen.

Researchers have developed fast-dissolving particles that may one day prevent organ damage or death by instantly infusing oxygen into the blood.

The microparticles, which consist of spherical shells of lipids surrounding a small bubble of oxygen gas, deliver oxygen almost immediately to red blood cells in a way that is safer and more rapid than currently used methods. The research team, led by Children's Hospital Boston cardiologist John Kheir, found that the solution could completely saturate red blood cells in oxygen-deprived rabbits within seconds of injection, and they kept rabbits with totally blocked airways alive for 15 minutes using the oxygen-infused microparticles. "Essentially as soon as we started injecting it, clinically we started to see an effect,"

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Having a liquid lunch today

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Is This Sign Really Necessary?

A commenter explains:

Elevator surfing was an activity that filled some college evenings when cash was scarce. Since you asked about how...

The largest challenge is getting into the elevator shaft. This can be accomplished through the obvious methods of breaking into an access room or by using an elevator key to open the doors. We were fortunate enough to find such a key. Once inside you need to get on top of the elevator. The easiest way to do this is to climb up supporting steel structure to the 2nd floor and wait for the elevator to come down to floor 1. Then just hop on quietly so you don't get caught. Other methods are more harrowing. things to watch out for are the counter weight and the obvious things like sticking body parts out while the elevator rises or falls. Since most elevators have controls on top, you can raise or lower them, stop them or otherwise overrule the floor selections of the passengers. Stalling elevators and then sliding down the supporting cables is fun, but can generate enough heat to burn your hands or other parts that you might foolishly wrap around the cable. Depending on the occupants state of intoxication, overruling their desired floor selections and/or stalling the elevator can be quite entertaining.

This must be the most counterproductive sign since "ABSOLUTELY NO LIQUID NITROGEN SALES TO MINORS".

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First uploads to cyberspace: nematodes.

OpenWorm, a new open-source project devoted to creating a complete virtual model of a worm, aims to bring simulation into the living world by creating a digital organism -- C. elegans, a nematode commonly used as a model organism in biology research.

The goal is to make a digital worm that mimics its biological counterpart in essentially every way, from the molecular level to behavioral patterns.

They're using a largely bottom-up approach, bringing together data from scientific observations of C. elegans from the past decade to simulate every aspect of the worm within a program, starting with the basics of its cell behavior. While C. elegans has been so widely studied, there's plenty of data out there on its neurons and muscular structure -- that data just needs to be integrated to create a full model.

"Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, and also worms."

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jwz mixtape 128

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 128.

I have seen eleven of these bands live! Go me.

I guess "seapunk" must really be a thing now, if even Basement Jaxx are doing it.

MNDR played at DNA Lounge recently, and she had no show to speak of, and lip-synched the only song she "sang" on. But her new video is pretty messed up, in a good way.

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Current Music: as noted

SOMA Nature Walk: "Long Slow Screw on a Hot Spring Night" Edition

Though this thing looks like a giant drill bit, I think it's actually a helical conveyor belt to carry dirt away from the cutting head and poop it out the back.

Also, video.

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Metal Mother

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