This week, we'll be continuing our favorite hobby of 'Reverse Shoplifting' fake products into grocery stores. [...] The bar codes on the box are functional and the back of the box features fun games for the whole family. Enjoy!

We will be dropping 10 signed and numbered TRUSTO / OBEY cereal boxes into grocery stores around Los Angeles at the end of this week. We will post their locations on the @trustocorp Instagram page. First come, first serve and good luck getting them out of the store!

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Update: "Secret prize inside!"

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6 Responses:

  1. bigiain says:

    Did you ever see The Droplift Project?


    I remember planting a few of those in both Amoeba and Aquarius back in 2000 or 2001.

  2. Otto says:

    What do they mean by "the bar codes on the box are functional"? I don't think these guys understand how bar codes work. Also, that bar code doesn't look like a correct one to me, but the resolution of the image isn't great there either.

    • David M.A. says:

      Pretty sure that image is a render. And wouldn't a "functional" barcode merely be one that scans, not necessarily matches up to a product?

      • Adolf Osborne says:

        A functional UPC barcode is one that allows the til-monkey to scan the item, a price to be more-or-less instantly presented with a description that is both adequate and not improper, thus allowing one to pay for a product and leave with it.

        A dysfunctional barcode is one that fails at one or more of these characteristics.

        (Yes, a database is involved in this functional example. Get over it.)

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