The new generation of JWZ type hydraulic valve test bench.

So this happened:

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The type JWZ valve test bench is my company in the accumulation of years of production of valve testing equipment technical basis in accordance with the national GB/T1 3927 -- 92 "universal valve pressure test" and ZBJl6006-90 "valve testing and inspection" of the standard specifications, design improvements in the new generation of JWZ type hydraulic valve test bench.

Despite a number of spam sites hawking the TYPE JWZ VALVE TEST BENCH, I cannot find any information on what a TYPE JWZ VALVE TEST BENCH is.

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  1. I occasionally google for jef, and the best one I've found is the Jungen Europäischen Föderalisten, some sort of German youth organization. And we all know how well those typically work out.

    Second best, a burger chain in Okinawa.

    • Andy says:

      JEF seems to be a liberal, pro-Euro-integration international youth organization; sort of a cross between Scouting and a Model United Nations, except they advance a specific political agenda. Causes of action include "more democracy and a formal Constitution for the EU" and "more political freedom for Belarus".

      I think your snide "we all know" comment is wide of the mark.

  2. bcoburn says:

    I'm mildly worried this is too obvious, but:

  3. tkil says:

    I occasionally google for jef [...]

    I was going to use the word "egosurfing", then I realized that was even older than I thought.

    I've also searched for "tkil"; for a long time, most of the hits were my posts to mailing lists etc. I did get an email from one "Thomas Kil", wondering if I was related; it also showed up in some Finnish text.

    These days, it seems to occur just because it's a 4-letter word, and the spambots generated unknown exabytes of noise trying to get past filters.

    Haven't tried it in a while, actually. [Googles]

    Gah. Hashtag for "to keep it lit", apparently; then a "hip-hop duo taking over the Pittsburgh area"

    At least the latter closes the circle with our gracious host (geographically, if not musically).

  4. Nick Lamb says:

    Chinese industrial firms like lists, if you produce a catalog of parts or a list of chemical names or anything like that, there's a good chance a Chinese company will add the entire thing to their web site as "available" on the basis that invitations to treat are not binding. None of it is checked for plausibility, if you include something nobody has ever made in the catalog they will claim to have it in stock, because why not?

    This leads to absurdities like companies claiming they can sell you a kilogram of a material where the entire world supply is only a few grams per year or that they will deliver a product internationally by courier when in fact it rapidly destabilises outside of a specialist lab setup. More importantly it causes frustration if you let someone who isn't "in the know" handle procurement because they can end up waiting months for a quote from a Chinese company that could never have actually supplied what's required but listed it anyway out of laziness.

    So if the only trace of "JWZ type hydraulic valve test benches" is Chinese web sites, it's entirely possible the JWZ element is a typo which has snowballed. To a person, especially a person who isn't necessarily 100% comfortable with the Latin alphabet, manually transcribing something they don't understand JWZ, LMS and IVV5 are all basically the same.

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