The Clash at Demonhead

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7 Responses:

  1. MattyJ says:

    So this band decided they never, ever want to be found on the Internet?

  2. antabakayt says:

    Not sure. All I know is that "metric band" brings them up as the first result.

  3. jwz says:


  4. Jake E says:

    Hi Jamie, now that Google Reader is going away, people are switching to alternatives such as About 90% of the time, I get the anti-hotlinking eggcup-testicles. I believe the referrer is generally: Is it possible to make sure I can continue to read your blog on that RSS platform?

    Thanks, Jake.

    • jwz says:

      No. "The Old Reader" apparently sends referers that are indistinguishable from many popular web fora that are hotbeds of irritating hotlinking.

  5. Jeremy Wilson says:

    Is that really Metric? Emily Haines is looking pretty haggard.

    • jmags says:

      1) Bullshit, she's lovely except. . .

      2) Not to be racist against Canadians, but she looks kind of like Celine Dion in the last picture.