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  1. Matt N says:

    Enjoy your big ol' plate of what appear to be baby face-huggers. Never go to a restaurant named "H.R. Giger's".

  2. Ian Young says:

    "You know what I wish? I wish that snot were meat, and were served to me from a dirty rock. Oh, hey, Oysters!"

    (disclaimer: I put cheddar cheese on ramen)

    • jwz says:

      Well played, Sir. I have been giggling about this for ten minutes, and my dining companions hate you with intensity.

      • pete says:

        To be fair, your right hand side dining companion appears to have an umbilical proboscis extending from her corpus then hiding under her napkin. I assume Cronenberg has been thoroughly pre-paged.

  3. Robert Payes says:

    In my household, we call this "Tuesday." ;)

  4. Buz Deadwax says:

    For my 40th, I tried to do 40 at Swan's, and got pretty close. Shouldn't have started with the chowder. I'll try again for my 50th. It may not be wise, pretty or even safe... BUT I'LL DO IT!