Luke and Leia Had Sex

This is important research.

...nope. That's what we call a confirmatory smirk. [...]

That look is her thinking "I'm a professional diplomat, my whole job is not to get into situations like this..."

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12 Responses:

  1. Shatter Null says:

    They totally did

  2. Jay Sittler says:

    Only mostly related to the event coming up on April 21st at your venue. :)

  3. Mike Woolson says:

    I worked in a movie theater in 1978 when they reissued "Star Wars" and had the first preview of "Empire Strikes Back," and maybe my memory is wrong but I recall that trailer showing Luke and Leia sharing a passionate least, I was surprised when Han turned out to be the love interest.

  4. I thinks this is true, but not like the article. Han was definitely the instigator. Leia: "Wow, that was hot. You're such a scoundrel, my father would have never approved" Han:"You think you're the first princess Ive landed? Now its Luke's turn." Leia: "What? Really, after we just....." Han: "C'mon your worshipfulness, do the kid a favor. He just saved the galaxy, and its not like there was a lot of options on that remote desert farm of his"

  5. Mike Woolson says:

    Unfortunately I was just slightly too old for Star Wars to be my preadolescent erotic fixation. For me it was Catwoman and the green babe.

  6. Going back even further Emma Peel (AKA Diana Riggs) was hot!

  7. Russ Ndg says:

    Don't forget Morticia!

  8. Kevin Lyda says:

    I was with the article right up to the end. I think the author flubs her final look.

    She smirks at Luke, but he was a virgin, right? He clearly didn't complete the job. So she went for Han.

    By Han's grin and wink it's clear he thought he's the Force's gift to boinking. Leia's response indicates Han's a bit deluded on this assessment.

    Then the final glance at R2. Sure it's a bit of an uncomfortable look, but it's also a very satisfied look. It's a, "finally!" look. It's pretty clear she's seen a tool pop out of one of R2's panels that never made it on film. Heck, maybe modifying droids is a family skill.

    As an aside, "Two men and a droid," future sitcom title?

  9. pb says:

    I wonder if he smelled her panties?

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