jwz mixtape 127

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 127.

Have you noticed that it's becoming less common for record labels to mark videos as non-embeddable? Let's hope this is a trend that continues.

As seen on track 13, Tokimonsta & MNDR are playing at DNA Lounge this Wednesday!

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12 Responses:

  1. Jenny Atomik says:

    thats funny, I JUST watched your one from March 7th, I needs to catch ups

  2. Stuart McDow says:

    Brand new to your playlists; love 'em.

    Hopefully not a forbidden question, but are Spotify playlists available? Tried to find a YT->Spotify playlist converter, but no luck.

    I ask only because I take long walks with my music playing device, and these moments are my best and only opportunity to listen to new (to me) music.


  3. Morrisa Sherman says:

    Thanks! I'm on bedrest today, and you keep me sane.

  4. Jenny: And I fell behind! I still have about half of a mixtape in the queue for the next one that didn't really fit here...

  5. juliansr says:

    if you ever get a tiny tv-b-gone in your inbox (still waiting for them to ship the LEDs) it's my tiny payback for your supreme mixtape diligence.

  6. Rex Roof says:

    for the spotify inclined:
    jwx 125 - 07 Apr 2013

  7. 47f274a3faaf says:

    That hit the spot. Great mix!

  8. Doug Orleans says:

    This was a great one, thanks!

    How much do you pick videos based on the video content vs. the music content? I mostly don't watch the videos; I use it as background music while I'm doing other stuff, and I don't often have the screen real estate to have the mixtape window fully visible. I had kinda assumed you were picking the videos entirely based on the music, since the video mixtapes replaced the old audio-only mixtapes, but then last month you included the Bowie video despite not thinking much of the song. When I do watch the videos they are generally nice eye candy, but I assumed that was just because bands that make good music tend to have pretty good visual art taste too.

    • jwz says:

      It varies. Most of the time, I like both the song and the video. Sometimes I will include a song with awesome visuals even if I don't really like the song -- and sometimes I'll even include a song that I hate if the video is especially great. It's unlikely, though, that I'd include a song I loved if the video was boring. (The No Ceremony video is kind of borderline on that metric.)