Face Stealer

Face Stealer

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  1. Meredith Yayanos says:

    Z A L G O O O O O

  2. Jay says:

    Who knew they practiced FDD over there. (Furry-Driven Development)

  3. Jeremy Wilson says:


  4. Pavel Lishin says:

    This is the only frame of the video you really need to understand the motivation behind this technology:

  5. Jeremy Leader says:

    Your second and third "previously" links are currently returning 404 pages for me (Firefox 20 on Windows XP). Nice 404 page, though.

    The amusing thing is, I had to pull down the Help menu to see what version of Firefox I'm up to this evening, and then I had to dig through the start menu to try to find something that would confirm my suspicion that this laptop's running XP.

  6. SpaceHobo says:

    Japan's Face-Harvesting technology includes various masks, including dogs, as compensation prosthetics.

  7. gryazi says:


  8. Bill Paul says:

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