Time travel in movies

Mr. Dalliard:

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Building a Human

An Instructional Film made by The Visitors for Human Collaborators on Edité-Frignim (Earth).

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DNA Lounge: Wherein 4AM Last Call has been defeated, again.

To the great surprise of nobody, Senator Leno's bill that would have been the first step (of many) in allowing San Francisco to move Last Call from 2AM to 4AM has been defeated.

The last time we tried this was in 2004, and it did not go well that time either.

The Facebook page says:

We did not get the 6 votes needed to keep this bill alive in the state senate. This is sad news for the over 10,000 folks who emailed the state senators and all the people who wanted this to become real, we do have an opportunity.

It's telling that when you google for information about this, the only hits you find are the various "Stop SB 635" sites put up by the prohibitionists. Not even a statement on its defeat from Leno, that I can find. Clearly the opposition out-spent and out-organized those of us who wanted the laws governing how San Franciscans may spend their evenings to come from San Francisco instead of Sacramento.

There's some talk of a ballot measure to try again, but that can't happen before 2016, and it will surely just be out-organized and out-spent, like this one was.


SOMA Nature Walk: Everybody Mom Chung Tonight

Your intrepid reporter froze his ass off for an hour and a half to bring you these important images. It was a very slow process, and is ongoing. They have to be done by 5AM to reopen the road, but I didn't have the stamina/layers.

This disc is the engine that the cutting blades attach to. The other piece on the truck, which I think goes behind this one, goes into the hole on Monday night. The cutting blades go on some time later. "Everyone shows up for that", said the foreman. "Those are really cool."

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