The Clash at Demonhead

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DNA Lounge: Wherein it may finally be time to ditch Justin.TV.

I'm told that Justin.TV has begun interrupting our webcasts with car commercials. Have you seen this happening? How often does it happen? I haven't seen it myself, but maybe my ad-blockers actually work.

We've been webcasting via Justin.TV since early 2008, which was very shortly after they went online. We were one of their earliest users, and probably their first user who was trying to keep the stream live 24/7. Several of their staff were really helpful making everything work, but apparently nobody I've talked to over there still works for them, and their support address isn't answering my email.

I guess it's time to find another video hosting service.

Can you recommend one that is free, and won't spam my video feeds with ads? Preferably one that will let me feed them a stream via Flash Media Live Encoder rather than a Flash plugin running in a web browser.

Meanwhile, a few new photo galleries:

Nightmare Fortress
Tales from the Donner Party