I think you should all listen to some Henry Rollins stories tonight. I've seen him do his spoken word thing once a year since around 1912. These are a few of my favorites.

Here he is on destroying Iggy Pop:

Wait, let's back up. Here's the first time he met Iggy.

He had some awesome teen jobs with Ian MacKaye.

Working at the movie theatre.
Working at Hagen Daz (5:55),
with rat poison (8:35):

And, working at the pet store:

That last one cuts off early. The punchline goes, "...and Ian's looking at me like 'now's the time for you to shut the fuck up', and I yell, 'THAT WAS US!'"

If anyone can find his story of recording a cover of Funkytown with RuPaul, please let me know. More importantly, I require a copy of the actual song.

Scene missing! Some videos in this post have disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video (search) or this video (search), please mail me so that I can update this post.
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Is there still no alternative to the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2?

Dear Lazyweb,

Auto-focus in the dark on the 5Dmk2 sucks. The only reasonable way to fix it is with a device that does AF-assist linked to the camera's focus points (meaning, "blinks a red grid when focusing").

Flashes like the 580EX do this, but they're huge and since I don't actually use the flash, I don't like lugging around something that doubles the size of my camera.

I have a Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2, which would be perfect if not for it's completely retarded choice of battery technology. It uses 2CR5 batteries, which have horrible battery life, and for which no functional rechargeable version exists (I've tried several, they just don't work). So in reality, I can't use this thing because the fucking battery is always dead whenever I need it.

I bought a Speedlite 270EX II because it runs on AA batteries, only to discover that it's useless because it doesn't understand focus points: it does focus-assist by firing a blinding white light that lights up the whole room. If you used this device at a show, you might as well say "please stab me in the face".

Is there really nothing small that does focus-point-aware AF-assist that doesn't use stupid batteries?

I've asked this before, but time has passed and maybe there's a better answer.

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Wikipedia editor forced by French intelligence to delete "classified" entry

This story ends exactly how you expect.

This volunteer, which was one of those having access to the tools that allow the deletion of pages, was forced to delete the article while in the DCRI offices, on the understanding that he would have been held in custody and prosecuted if he did not comply. Under pressure, he had no other choice than to delete the article, despite explaining to the DCRI this is not how Wikipedia works. He warned the other sysops that trying to undelete the article would engage their responsibility before the law.

This volunteer had no link with that article, having never edited it and not even knowing of its existence before entering the DCRI offices. He was chosen and summoned because he was easily identifiable.

The "Station hertzienne militaire de Pierre-sur-Haute" entry is currently the most-viewed page in french-language Wikipedia.


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This is the best video on Youtube.

Make sure you stick around until the end.

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