Penis snatching, they said, was a means of supplying an illicit and lucrative trade in organs.

Africa's genital-stealing crime wave hits the countryside

Cameroonians and Nigerians -- people from places "where they have multistory buildings" -- were seen as particularly well versed in the business. "You see how advanced Cameroon is?" someone said. "It's because they are so strong in commerce of all kinds, including in genitals and scalps." The stolen organs, my companions said, are sold to occult healers for use in ceremonies, or else they are quickly fenced back to victims of penis snatching for a price. But the real money was to be made in Europe. One man who had spent some time living in Cameroon said he had heard of a woman there who was nabbed by airport security while trying to smuggle several penises to the Continent inside a baguette.

I asked the town doctor what he thought. Could he help the victims? He shook his head slowly -- as if trying to gauge how much I believed about the whole affair -- and then responded, "Western medicine is no match for this magic. It is a mysterious thing."

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