One for the ladies.

How have I not posted a photo of a Prostate Examination Simulator before now?

Four separate prostate glands are supplied with the torso, representing one benign gland and three stages of prostatic carcinoma in varying degrees of development. Each gland can be inserted into the prostate torso to allow realistic practice in diagnosis by rectal palpation.

This is pretty much the opposite of "Doll Gape".

Maybe I need a "fuckloaf" tag.

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4 Responses:

  1. phuzz says:

    So that's what a prostate looks like, nice to know.

    I got to see what the inside of my bladder looked like the other week, which was interesting.
    I'll leave it to the reader to work out how a camera gets inside your bladder.

    • Injector says:

      I believe the one being held is cancerous, while the one on the table is benign.

      Just in case you're checking.

  2. Now wondering what those keys unlock.

    • jwz says:

      A proctologist reaches into his pocket, pulls out a rectal thermometer and says, "Dammit! Some asshole has my pen."

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