Danish pop songstress? Well now I just feel predictable.

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5 Responses:

  1. Travis says:

    Not sure what's going on, but all your images over the past few days, both here, and on the RSS feed have had a "HOTLINKING IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER" image. :(

    • David M.A. says:

      I would guess that the hotlink image shows here because you've cached it from RSS. Let me also guess that you're using Google Reader?

      • Travis says:

        Yah, I did a shift-refresh and still got the image, but it looks like it was what I was using for a Google Reader replacement. I'm testing a few. The Old Reader is getting the hotlink image, but NewsBlur displays it correctly after I completely clear out my cache.

      • phuzz says:

        Odd, I don't have any problems with the images in google reader, must be why my mum always told me I was special.

        The first picture looks like someone spent ages applying filters to it, but I guess it's just a happy accident of cell phone ccd and bright lights.

        • jwz says:

          Nope, no processing. Phone cameras really hate the new LED lights that everyone uses these days. I figure this will shake itself out in a year or so.