Load Transfer

Workers have successfully completed load transfer, which shifted the bridge's weight from the temporary supports to the main cable. The weight of the bridge is supported by the single, nearly 1-mile long main cable.

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8 Responses:

  1. John Adams says:

    I guess single is the wrong word for the cable, considering during my tour of the bridge I saw 137 x 127 strands. 17,399 wires.

  2. plumpy says:

    That's like saying you can't call it a single rope because it's made up of many threads.

  3. This seems like an awful lot of (expensive) engineering effort -- is it just to minimize the number of supports the span needs?

    • No, it's to maximize the number of dicks that Willie Brown and Jerry Brown made everyone else eat.

      • Richard says:

        Small potatoes. That's right, Willie is small potatoes, though without a doubt he got his.

        If you want villains, the former and unindicted Metropolitan Transportation Commission executive director for life, Larry Dahms, and the current inexplicably unindicted MTC ED-for-life, Steve "mini me" Heminger, are responsible for billions (with a capital "b") more public squalor and private opulence than even Willie could swing, hard and effectively as he tries.

        Somebody — ie engineering consultancies and construction companies, and people who skim handsome percentages off the top of all contracts for "management" and "oversight" — are laughing all the way to the bank. Willie's always, always, happy to help such people, but it's hopelessly naive — not to mention completely innumerate — to ascribe a five billion dollar budget blowout to a dick wagging a decade ago.

        You don't get 500% inflation from a year of delay, you know.

  4. Mark Crane says:

    I think the real hero of this operation is "Paul."

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