Alien Egg Enclosure

The Alien Egg can be enjoyed naked or in full rubber gear. Sharp objects should however be avoided.

This is our masterstroke of total Sensory Deprivation. This inflatable bondage ball in the shape of the infamous eggs from the Alien movie is the ultimate sensory deprivation experience. We have created a showpiece for people who take their pleasure and playtime seriously.

We recommend entering the Alien Egg before it is fully inflated. Once inside, you put the respiratory mask on and you can either sit down, kneel or adopt a foetal position which add the full dimension to the inside-egg experience, just like being held in a womb. The four panels are then zipped up enclosing you completely.

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  1. Pavel Lishin says:

    That actually seems like it would be really cozy, except for the fact that you're having to wear an oxygen mask.

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