What's the Point of Being a Polo Tycoon If You Can't Adopt Your Girlfriend?

All these restrictions on polo tycoons are starting to make me rethink this as a lifelong ambition. First, they get on you for leaving the scene of a fatal accident, and then they won't let you adopt your 42-year-old girlfriend. It's really starting to seem not worth it.

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Police say no eye banks or hospitals in the area were awaiting delivery of any eyeballs.

Eyeballs found in trash at Kansas City gas station.

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One for the ladies.

How have I not posted a photo of a Prostate Examination Simulator before now?

Four separate prostate glands are supplied with the torso, representing one benign gland and three stages of prostatic carcinoma in varying degrees of development. Each gland can be inserted into the prostate torso to allow realistic practice in diagnosis by rectal palpation.

This is pretty much the opposite of "Doll Gape".

Maybe I need a "fuckloaf" tag.

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