And that's a wrap.

As per usual, Sunday was comprised of a palette cleanser of punk rock bands playing 30 minute sets of 2 minute songs on two stages in a cinder-block shoebox shithole. It was totally "Crash and the Boys" in here, with my final band being Eagulls:

As usual, I've only posted photos of bands that I actually enjoyed. My wrap-up post from last year explains my methodology.

The British Music Embassy was something of a disappointment this year. In previous years that had been a great fallback spot to see good bands that I had never heard of before, but this year... well, a lot of them sucked.

I really need to figure out a way to get a handle on the daytime bands that are not an official part of the SXSW schedule. Many afternoons I found myself at a loss, wandering through a sea of shitty metal and southern rock, knowing better stuff was happening but not knowing where. I'm sure I've said that before but this year the problem was more pronounced.

And finally I can sleep.

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HOTT MT (Hour Of The Time Majesty Twelve)

That's a Darth Vader piñata, visible only due to a fortunate crash of the visuals software.

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