3D printed replacement skulls

I would like mine with tie-downs and mounting brackets please.

The new OPM device is a cranial maxillo-facial plate for skull reconstruction which can be used to replace up to 75% of the skull. Their device is made from PEKK (polyetherketoneketone), which has many of the desirable properties of the commonly used PEEK implant material -- but it also has twice the compressive strength, making it an ideal material to replace any bone that counts user protection among its primary functions.

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jwz mixtape 126

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 126.

This one has a few bands on it who are playing at DNA Lounge this month! Lebanon Hanover on March 22, Night Club also on Mar 22 but in the other room, and Sandra Kolstad on Mar 26. Doe Eye played here last week.

So that Bowie video at the end: it's an amazing video, which is why it's here. But, wow, that song sucks.

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