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Netscape Cancer: far worse than Brand Necrophilia.

Please imagine this as a Joe Chemo version of the cutsey Mozilla dragon mascot instead.

Google workers at Netscape Sacrifice Zone exposed to toxic levels of trichloroethylene.

For at least two months, Google employees were exposed to excessive levels of a hazardous chemical after workers disabled a critical part of the ventilation system at the company's new satellite campus on a Superfund toxic waste site. [...]

"We take several proactive measures to ensure the healthiest indoor air environment possible in our workplace," she said by e-mail.

"We are 100% committed to shipping the highest quality product possible on March 31st."

When Netscape occupied the Google site, a controversial "air stripper" operated there for more than a decade, emitting toxic chemicals into the air without monitoring, according to Lenny Siegel, executive director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight, an activist group based in Mountain View. In 1999, Netscape was acquired by AOL, which declined to comment.


In an effort to reduce the vapors, workers sealed cracks in floors and walls where TCE might get in.

"From beneath you, it devours."

On Jan. 14, the team inspected the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (often referred to as HVAC) and found it had been switched to manual, which prevented the positive pressure system from running continuously.

The move was motivated by a desire to keep the buildings warm as the weather turned colder in the fall, the report shows.

"If you turn off the AC, you will get cancer and die."

TCE, an industrial solvent used in making computer chips, is known to cause cancer and birth defects. [...] Pregnant women who are exposed to low levels of the chemical during a crucial three-week period in their first trimester face an increased risk of having a baby born with holes in the heart, a 2011 EPA analysis found. [...]

The site is now home to about 85 businesses, including [...] a baby ultrasound center, an adoption service, a restaurant and a cafe.

In lighter news, Illinois man found with $200,000 in stolen Wisconsin cheese.

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Who wants oysters?

No seriously. who wants oysters?

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Two Martyrs of Science from a Fatal Balloon Ride Rest Hand-in-Hand in Père Lachaise Cemetery

Resting eternally hand-in-hand in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris are two balloonists who tried to fly higher than anyone had before. The monument to Joseph Croce-Spinelli and Théodore Sivel shows the two draped beneath a shroud, their fingers laced together and an inscription on the side declaring them to have perished in a balloon called the Zenith on April 15, 1875, at around 28,000 feet. [...]

As Tissandier, the only survivor, later recalled: "One becomes indifferent, one thinks neither of the perilous situation nor of any danger; one rises and is happy to rise." Croce-Spinelli, revived by a gulp of oxygen, decided to throw out equipment and the balloon rose to 28,000 feet, according to a recording by their barometer. When Tissandier came to, he found his companions dead and the Zenith rapidly plummeting to the earth.

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What's the Point of Being a Polo Tycoon If You Can't Adopt Your Girlfriend?

All these restrictions on polo tycoons are starting to make me rethink this as a lifelong ambition. First, they get on you for leaving the scene of a fatal accident, and then they won't let you adopt your 42-year-old girlfriend. It's really starting to seem not worth it.

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Police say no eye banks or hospitals in the area were awaiting delivery of any eyeballs.

Eyeballs found in trash at Kansas City gas station.

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One for the ladies.

How have I not posted a photo of a Prostate Examination Simulator before now?

Four separate prostate glands are supplied with the torso, representing one benign gland and three stages of prostatic carcinoma in varying degrees of development. Each gland can be inserted into the prostate torso to allow realistic practice in diagnosis by rectal palpation.

This is pretty much the opposite of "Doll Gape".

Maybe I need a "fuckloaf" tag.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we need you to show your support for a 4 AM Last Call!

Senator Mark Leno introduced a bill that would create a path for last call times as late as 4 AM. We like this. We need a large show of support for the April 9th Senate Committee hearing. Go to OptionsCA.com to send an email to you Senator (and the committee at the same time) and learn more. There's also a Facebook page.

Please pass it on!

The last time we tried this was in 2004. It did not go well.

Photos of Bootie Request Night, and of the fantastic Sandra Kolstad show last night, which all of you missed, because you people just don't listen to me:

Sandra Kolstad

The crossover in one of our monitors blew. This is post-repair. Pretty primitive stuff, huh?
More bars means more beers. We built some new shelves for keg storage. That is a lot of beer.


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DNA Lounge: Wherein we're a bunch of sellouts, and have photos.

All four Prince shows sold out in less than two hours! Wow. Our store held up pretty well. There were a few timeouts that required us to manually fix about a hundred orders, which was a drag, but we think we've got that fixed for next time.

I see that there are a lot of parasites trying to scalp tickets at absurd multipliers already, and I gleefully look forward to their disappointment. I guess they didn't read the part on the checkout page where it said that you can't pick up your will-call tickets without presenting the credit card used for the order.

Photos and videos:

Death Guild XX
Night Club + Happy Fangs
Lebanon Hanover + Vows
Crashdiet + Crucified Barbara

The Death Guild Anniversary was the biggest Death Guild party of all time. (Of all time.)

I didn't get any photos of The Frail because we had two shows that I wanted to see on Friday, and after Happy Fangs and Night Club I went next door to see Vows and Lebanon Hanover. That's a problem I haven't had before!

Tonight's another two-event night: we've got GDC-associated chiptunes and Peelander-Z in the main room, and Sandra Kolstad, Moon Cadillac and Seatraffic in Above DNA, both of which promise to be great shows.

Also, if you still want to buy Prince tickets, we'll be raffling them off at the end of the Sandra Kolstad show. But you have to get here early!


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