XScreenSaver 5.21

XScreenSaver 5.21 out now. Just a few minor fixes to the desktop version, really. (Oh and this.) I'm not going to bother rolling a new iOS release for this version.

HEY YOU: If you are a Linux user, will you please report a bug against your distro and ask them to upgrade to this version? I'm getting really tired of getting bug reports about things that I fixed two years ago because Debian (for example) is still shipping 5.15.

And the modern batch of Linux fanboys don't seem to comprehend that this makes the answer to the question "are you running the latest version?" be "no".

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8 Responses:

  1. Sven says:

    Hey, me being the "fanboy" (actually running Linux for 13 years and professionally...).

    Sorry, didn't mean to pull your hear, and yep, did already file a "bug"-report with Ubuntu.

    Howver, on your very own page you encourage people to use a binary distribution and link to debian unstable (which ships 5.15). So - apart from nagging them - what can I do now?


    • jwz says:

      Maybe you should get a better distro.

      Hey, you know, it does feel good to say shit like that!

    • jwz says:

      Anyway, it wasn't just you, this has happened a bunch of times in the last few months.

    • Mike Marion says:

      Good luck trying to get Ubuntu to patch. My company has a mix of suse, redhat and Ubuntu. My group works mostly in suse. In the last couple of years, we've helped track down and fix a ton of really nasty bugs in the automounter. Things like thread deadlocks, fds that get left around and every re-read of the maps would use up another one until it hit the limit, etc. the suse engineers were really responsive and came up with patches, sometimes in a day or two. Then they'd get it into their official patches pretty quick. RH would catch up in a couple weeks max (having the autofs maintainer on their payroll helps). Canonical, on the other hand... We have a support contract with them and despite even giving them most of the patches to try to get it done, they're still like 3 years behind on getting Ubuntu patched.

      They'll put all the bleeding edge eye candy and things like unity, but apparently system things like automount... Meh

      After a decade or so of a shitty automounter on linux and its actually pretty damn stable now. Sadly we tended to trigger more bugs than pretty much everyone else because we do things like use a direct map with >10k entries (and continually growing), so we got to really hit and help pin down all the fun bugs.

  2. fop says:

    The released version of Debian has 5.11 - 5.15 is in the current beta!

  3. kesselbrut says:

    That will only improve if you (get someone to) add (and aggressively backport) very, very loud and flashy notices to the manpages, FAQ, splash screen, README and everything else demanding that bugreports are to be sent to your mail address if and only if the user has compiled the latest release from source and otherwise resort to the distro's bugtracker. Debian explicitly asks the users to report bugs only to them and let maintainers handle relaying to the devs, but some noobs never get the memo. Autobogotifying them a little might help, too.

  4. Delphi Squid says:

    The source builds without problems on Ubuntu 12.04 (64 bit). Configure complained about a couple of missing libraries, they installed from the repositories easily.
    Err, seems to work. (Machine didn't blow up yet.)
    Thanks a lot - fun screensavers.