The Hammer

"And now for a hands-free demo."

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23 Responses:

  1. David M.A. says:

    The most marketable Kegel exerciser ever developed.

  2. dgurba says:

    I feel as though i've reached the end of the internet seeing this ... [stop].

  3. Laura Rubin says:

    Now if you can control a vibrator speed with it, we might have something super awesome.

    • Steerforth says:

      This DIY electronics hack by scanlime lets you control whether a hands-free LELO is vibrating depending on your proximity to a wireless sensor. It doesn't control speed, but it still sounds pretty neat:

      In fact, it does start to feel like there’s a palpable object in space above the remote’s sensors. Move your body close to it, and it reacts. Press into it lightly, or tease the edges. Flick your hand through it, or make graceful waves back and forth. You can use your whole body to touch it, almost like a big fuzzy vibrating cone floating in air.

      The electronics and 3D printing hacks she used to accomplish this are pretty interesting unto themselves. I'm not a hardware hacker, but I was able to follow her explanations.

      Actually, everything she does is awesome; I really recommend following her site.

  4. 47f274a3faaf says:

    I would not like more information about the hammer. I would like her to find a real cock to fixate on and stop scaring me. She seems smart so I would like for her to have a few kids by this cock.

    • reboots says:

      Problem: A seemingly smart, sexually liberated woman in electronics. (And vice versa! Zing!)

      Solution: Turn her into another broodmare.

      The Patriarchy appreciates your hard work this day.

      • 47f274a3faaf says:

        We've been keeping civilization operational since before year zero. We'll maintain the effort. Thanks.

      • 47f274a3faaf says:

        BTW, your expression "another broodmare" is interesting given modern demographic trends. There ain't that many; it's a privileged position.

  5. AustinDave says:

    The fact that this demonstration was filmed in a bargain hotel room is either very scary, or very titillating. The jury is still out.

  6. Joe says:

    I wonder if she also used an Arduino to close the drapes.

  7. I have no vagina and till that day i was pretty sure that my anus is just for an excretion. But now I want all those lights!

  8. chris t says:

    I was hoping for reciprocating force.

  9. Tom Lord says:

    Let us note that she is making the video tape in a cheap motel room.

    I want to see Part II.

    • Joe says:

      Totally. Arduino Aphrodites.

    • nooj says:

      considering that her living room, bed room, and kitchen are probably some post-apocalyptic maker bot dream, the hotel room was a good idea. background checks, you know.

  10. hattifattener says:

    Came for the "(the hammer is my penis)" reference. Was not disappointed.

  11. Photar says:

    It's been taken down.

    • jwz says:

      Of course it has.

      Fortunately (for me but not you) I have a script that saves a local copy of every video that I ever link to.