She's No Longer a Flight Risk

Yesterday I got an email from Isabella V. herself!

That was unexpected.

Unfortunately she felt she had to ask me to take down my archive of her blog, because of REDACTED, but the good news is that she's put her site back online! Coincidentally, it's almost exactly ten years since she started writing it. The blog is invite-only now, though, but if you go to what was my mirror, there's an invite code.

Hopefully some day she'll tell us the rest of the story...


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18 Responses:

  1. Joel Becker says:

    Well, foo. I just went back to my tab to continue reading and discovered the lockout. I tried your invitation code, but claims it is already expired.

    • Joel Becker says:

      Oh, now it says "reached its quota." That makes more sense, but it still is frustrating :-)

      • Jay says:

        I got a thing saying to check my email (much earlier in the day), but haven't received anything yet.

  2. William Reading says:

    Yeah, same here. I wasn't done reading through it yet. Lame.

    • Mike Hoye says:

      Ever had the sense that maybe something wasn't about you?

      Because, man - this isn't lame. It's fascinating.

      • William Reading says:

        Sure, this development is interesting. Being unable to read any of the stories now that the archive is down and the invite code is expired isn't.

  3. cja says:

    ditto :(

  4. Lloyd says:

    And you're sure that you were communicating with the Real Isabella V. and that this website isn't simply a honeypot to find her, how, exactly?

    • jwz says:

      Well, you places your bets and you takes your chances. But the person I have been talking to definitely has control of And I found her convincing. So there's that.

  5. isagirl says:

    If you're having issues you can email me. I'm trying to keep the userlist somewhat under control, but jwz readers have a certain... panache. (I will let jwz explain that).

    • aeon says:

      isagirl: your email (understandably), is not visible anywhere here, so I was wondering if you could perhaps see a way to let some more of us in, expanding the limit on that invite code perhaps? jwz has quite a sizeable readership I am guessing :)

      Also, please beware wordpress, it's an attractive target due to its popularity, so if you don't stay on top of the updates (and sometimes even then), you might find it compromised. I am sure you already are, but never hurts to be careful with what malicious users could find on the server if they managed to gain full access.

  6. Patrick Collins says:

    I knew I should have grabbed a copy for myself. I wasn't done reading!

  7. Krunch says:

    Now I am glad I grabbed a copy while your mirror was still publicly available.

  8. tkil says:

    I was able to do the email registration thing successfully. Did take a few hours, and I think I poked it with the "send password reset email" stick at least once, but it did work.

    So even if it's been a few hours, give it a few more. I suspect that the registration process is effectively human-moderated, and who knows what TZ they're in these days.

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