Dazzle Suit

Ichiro Suzuki

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  1. Jon Konrath says:

    Great to wear to the superbowl, vegas casinos, or any other place screwing with gait detection software.

    • Nick Lamb says:

      Gait detection? Really? Because ten years ago when I knew the state of the art in that area it was total bullshit. Like, maybe it would correctly identify which of ten people it was watching, 95% of the time. Better than guesswork, but not enough to be of any practical use, and defeating it was as easy as wearing different shoes (changing how you walk) or whatever. The US military was giving people grants like candy, and they'd have a load of undergraduates walk about in front of a green screen, tweak some algorithms and go back with a tiny improvement and a request for more money. Did somebody come back with a really big improvement? If so the fools should have asked for a lot more money.

      • Jake Nelson says:

        It's worthless on its own, but as part of an identification system it improves accuracy- like how an APB for "someone with blue eyes" would be useless, but a description that includes eye color is better than one that doesn't.
        It's particularly helpful with rapid acquisition across zones - if you're trying to catch someone who's evading you and is sneaking from one low-camera area to another, gait detection can often more quickly go "now they're over here" when they pop up on a new camera than other methods.

  2. bogon says:

    dazzle house

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