DNA Lounge: Wherein there are some photos, and I point at this week's calendar.

A couple of items of note this week:

Tonight is our second Obscura Society event, Tales from the Winchester House. It's an early (7pm) seated event in Above DNA, and it should be great fun. (See the photos from their Emperor Norton presentation last time.)

Friday is The Limousines! These guys are fantastic, and you need to come to this show. I expected it to be almost sold out by now but it's not, which makes me worry that not enough people are aware that they're playing here, so do us a favor and tell your friends, ok? Here, watch the video. It has zombies and cardboard weapons.

New photo galleries since last time:

90s Bootie
Jerk Church

And there's a pretty entertaining review of Bootie in SF Weekly:

Bootie Takes Pop Culture and Rearranges It Completely

The bouncer stamped my left wrist, my friend and I walked through the door, and then it all went blurry: We had just stepped into a club full of shitfaced people screaming the chorus to Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" over the spiralling pianos of Coldplay's "Clocks." Trying to make our way toward the ATM (and ultimately failing), we pushed through the crowd like icebreakers violently navigating an arctic trade route. Cocktails flew everywhere, flesh ground against flesh, shutter shades were dropped and stepped on. I looked up and studied a pirate flag draped from the balcony of DNA Lounge and asked myself if it would have been a better idea to have finally gone to a salsa night instead.


Shut Up Woman Fett On My Horse

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