Sys y u no log?

I can't get my DSL modem to syslog to my iMac with an Airport inbetween.

I've got: DSL Modem → Airport → iMac.

DSL is Zyxel P-663HN-51 ADSL2, software 1.01(BOM.3)b1_0824. Airport Extreme is 7.6.1.

The Zyxel is in bridge mode. The Airport runs DHCP/NAT, has IP 70.whatever, LAN, and default host (the iMac).

Airport is correctly sending syslog to the iMac, but the Zyxel is not. So the problem's not with the Mac.

I tried setting Zyxel's log host to both 70.whatever and to and neither work.

Does the Airport not route UDP, or what?

Of course the only reason I'm trying to do this in the first place is to figure out why, about once a week when a few big, well-seeded torrents come in at once, the Zyxel loses is mind and has to be power-cycled.

I've even pulled Transmission's global connection limit all the way down to 20. Still happens.

Everything is terrible.

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