She's No Longer a Flight Risk

Yesterday I got an email from Isabella V. herself!

That was unexpected.

Unfortunately she felt she had to ask me to take down my archive of her blog, because of REDACTED, but the good news is that she's put her site back online! Coincidentally, it's almost exactly ten years since she started writing it. The blog is invite-only now, though, but if you go to what was my mirror, there's an invite code.

Hopefully some day she'll tell us the rest of the story...


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Full MAME emulator for non-jailbroken iOS

Gridlee: Get it before it's gone.

Gridlee is a freeware arcade game from 1982 which was re-released on the iTunes App Store by David Loureiro. This would have been unremarkable, if Gridlee was a straight port from the source code and if it wasn't actually powered by an up-to-date and fully featured version of MAME4iOS Reloaded.

This means if you have a program capable of tunneling into the iOS file-system through USB, you can once again have a working version of MAME on a non-jailbroken device, complete with your own ROM images. As I can't think of anyone who would legitimately want to play Gridlee on an iPad, this was likely an intentional attempt to sneak the emulator back into the App Store, so we're guessing Apple won't be hosting the file for too long. Grab it while you can...

Update: In case you were wondering, yes, it's been pulled.

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